Creative Direction Design
Hassan Haider

Creative Direction Motion
Mario Gorniok · Keenly

Motion Design by Keenly
Anne Görgner
Marie Zillgens
Moritz Riedl
Luca Zarantonello
Julian Dannenbaum


Brand movie

Skill Music

Skill Music, an award-winning music production company based in Hamburg's Boogie Park Studios, needed a fresh branding approach. Their diverse portfolio includes music production, voiceovers, postproduction, film, and audio logos. Seeking sustainability and a cohesive image that reflects their expertise, Skill Music aimed to maintain a playful and open vibe while projecting a powerful brand identity.

Our approach began with the creation of a dynamic design grid inspired by sound synthesis technology, specifically sine, square, and triangle waveforms. This grid provided the foundation for a versatile range of bold shapes, fonts, and illustrations, ensuring both strong recognition and cost-efficient design variations. This strategy allows for streamlining design development while encapsulating Skill Music's essence.

The rebranding initiative successfully harmonized Skill Music's proficiency with a new claim, "Audio Sustained." By integrating sustainability into their business model, Skill Music offered clients the chance to allocate their budgets toward environmentally conscious projects. The rebrand not only conveyed their expertise but also showcased their commitment to a greener future, setting them apart in a competitive industry.

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